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Central Heating

Central Heating

Your home’s central heating system brings warmth to you and your family in the coldest of weather. We are used to having a central heating system in our homes that brings heat with just a nudge of the thermostat. It’s easy to take central heating for granted but it is an intricate system. At MAC Boiler Services we have expert heating engineers that maintain your central heating system and keep it running smoothly and reliably with regular servicing. That will save you money on your heating bills and prevent the need for costly repairs. If your central heating does break down, we will fix it quickly and get the heat rising again. If you are building a new house or renovating your home call us and we will help design an efficient, top of the line system for your house. Call us for the solutions to all your central heating issues at competitive prices.

Unvented Cylinder

Unvented Cylinders

An unvented water cylinder is an important part of your hot water system. It stores water that is heated with heat from the boiler or from other electrical heating elements. It provides high pressure hot water to your shower, sink and appliances like your washing machine and dish washer. When it goes you will be out of hot water. At MAC Boiler Services our expert technicians can install an unvented cylinder to work with your new boiler. If the unvented cylinder that is attached to your current boiler fails for any reason, they can replace it. Call usto get a new unvented cylinder installed by our professionals at competitive prices.

Landlord Certificate

Landlords Certificates

Safety needs to be first when it comes to working with gas. You don’t want someone who isn’t qualified working on the gas in your house. MAC Boiler Services is proud to be a gas safe registered company. That means that we can provide landlords certificates for all the professional work that our technicians and engineers carry out on your rental houses and flats. It’s a further guarantee of our work that provides peace of mind and allows your renters to feel confident in renting your property.

New Bathroom

Does your bathroom look dingy and have outdated fixtures? Do you wish you had a bathtub that you could really luxuriate in when you take a bath? Do you wish you had a shower with more power to it? Do you wish you had a toilet that simply worked properly? Do you want a better sink with a new vanity? If it is time to redo your bathroom or you are building a new house, we offer the bath fitting services that you need. Our experts will transform your bathroom into a tranquil, modern, and clean space. Give us a call today to get all your bathroom remodeling needs taken care of at a competitive price.


Cookers & Fires

What is cozier than a nice fire? The flickering flames are mesmerizing and concentrated heat source feels heavenly in the freezing weather. Wood fires are dirty, wood is scarce and expensive, and emits too much carbon. Gas cookers and fires are the better option. Our expert gas engineers will hook you up with gas fire in your fireplace and a gas fired “wood” stove and also provide regular maintenance and repair for them. They will also help you with the gas cooker in your kitchen. You will be cooking with gas in no time! We offer the top-level gas service in the Coventry area at a competitive price.
247 Service

Emergency Call Out

It’s a cold night. Your boiler has given up the ghost. You are suddenly without heat or hot water. It’s a tough spot to be in. You need help and preferably as soon as possible. Who will you call? MAC Boiler Services! We are always ready for an emergency call out 24/7. We will be there fast to make boiler repairs and get your central heating system up and working. Our expert gas engineers will be there for you with quality service and a professional manner no matter what time you call us. We offer the top-level emergency boiler repairs in the Coventry area at a competitive price.

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